From Yacht and Crew Management to delivering vessels anywhere in the world, we’ve worked with hundreds of owners with assistance to their yachts, improving their sustainability, and decreasing their cost of maintenance.

Yachting Concepts has 28 years of yachting expertise defining our experience, capabilities and client assurance.


Relax knowing that all crew management requirements are taken care of by your dedicated personal crew manager. At Yachting Concepts, we strive to hire the best talent and provide our clients with the ultimate onboard experience by carefully selecting the most reliable, motivated, and qualified candidates. Our highly selective search and vetting process acquire experienced crew managers, dedicated to providing excellent service whilst attending to all crew-related needs. With nearly 30 years of marine experience, Yachting Concepts operates with efficiency, transparency, and, of course, accountability, generating the finest crew managers known to the industry.

At Yachting Concepts, we employ the top crew managers in all of the yachts to ensure our client’s vessels are well maintained so that they are free to enjoy their time on board with family and friends. On deck, the crew manager directly supervises the daily activities of the remainder of the crew by setting priorities and guidelines, managing employee schedules, training new members, and resolving any issues or concerns as they arise. Additionally, the crew manager also handles a long list of administrative duties such as conducting regular assessments, reviewing documents, and overseeing supply inventories.

To provide our clients with unrivaled support, our network of crew managers runs a tight ship. From cost control for the daily maintenance of your vessel to every aspect of operating it, our crew managers retain the skills, knowledge, and experience, to ensure a successful charter. Additionally, they diligently work to promote continuity by looking after Flag and Class requirements to guarantee the boat is operating in accordance with the law. With regard to the general operations of the vessel, yacht managers eliminate the stress of ownership by ensuring the asset runs efficiently and within budget. Hence, our crew managers also specialize in monitoring the yacht’s finances to make sure our clients are getting the best deal.

Ensure smooth sailing for your vessel with Yachting Concepts Crew Service!

Concierge Service to the Yacht Owner

Concierge Service to the Yacht Owner


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Yachting Concepts is committed personally to you and your vessel. You and your property receive the utmost concern for both safety and care.


Reliability isn't just a word. We have over 28 years in the industry for a reason, and we have client testimonials to back it up.


Technical smarts are important and necessary. In many cases, however, true experience is invaluable. WE HAVE BOTH.