From Yacht and Crew Management to delivering vessels anywhere in the world, we’ve worked with hundreds of owners with assistance to their yachts, improving their sustainability, and decreasing their cost of maintenance.

Yachting Concepts has 28 years of yachting expertise defining our experience, capabilities and client assurance.


With our Crew Management service, ensure that your yacht is always staffed properly. Be confident that your vessel is in the right hands, with Yachting Concepts! Our rigorous approach to the effective management and operation of mega yachts, combined with our longstanding relationships with industry-leading interior and deck personnel, guarantees that our crew placement will fulfill any yacht owner’s expectations. Yachting concepts employs experienced professionals in all yachting disciplines including, Captain, First Officer, Chief Engineer, Chef, Bosuns, and Stewardesses.

At Yachting Concepts, we specialize in the crew placement process from beginning to end, by recruiting and matching experienced crew members with yachts worldwide. Whether your vessel is in need of a dedicated full-time or impartial crew, at Yachting Concepts we can find the support for you! We can source a captain and crew members for all your needs! Through our crew management service, we assist clients in determining the best captain for their needs including experience, skills, yacht size, destination, frequency, scheduling, and more.

We understand that our people are our greatest strength, and that’s why at Yachting Concepts we strive to hire the best talent! To guarantee our clients have ultimate onboard experience, our team recruits and select the most skilled and intelligent crew. Our highly selective search and vetting process acquire and provides personnel that shares our company values and dedication to providing the highest standard of service. At Yachting Concepts, we take care of all crew-related logistics and guarantee that all your paperwork is up to date and legal. Additionally, to provide unrivaled support, we can also arrange for payroll administration, employment contracts, withholding taxes, health insurance coverage, repatriation, and visa documentation. During our crew placement process, our team carefully selects the most reliable, motivated, and qualified candidates to create a cohesive crew for your vessel.

Ensure smooth sailing for your vessel with Yachting Concepts Crew Management Service!


Concierge Service to the Yacht Owner

Concierge Service to the Yacht Owner


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Yachting Concepts is committed personally to you and your vessel. You and your property receive the utmost concern for both safety and care.


Reliability isn't just a word. We have over 28 years in the industry for a reason, and we have client testimonials to back it up.


Technical smarts are important and necessary. In many cases, however, true experience is invaluable. WE HAVE BOTH.