From Yacht and Crew Management to delivering vessels anywhere in the world, we’ve worked with hundreds of owners with assistance to their yachts, improving their sustainability, and decreasing their cost of maintenance.

Yachting Concepts has 28 years of yachting expertise defining our experience, capabilities and client assurance.


Do you need Yacht Captain Services? Whether you require a full-time captain or a charter captain for a getaway, we provide the professionals you’re looking for. Entrust that your vessel is in the right hands with Yachting Concepts! Our longstanding relationships with industry-leading personnel guarantee that our captain placement service will fulfill any yacht owner’s expectations. Additionally, we certify that all captain licenses comply with USCG rules and regulations to ensure a safe and successful voyage.

With experience in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific Northwest, Nordic seas, and more, Yachting Concepts is prepared to captain your next journey. Our network of captains has an excellent understanding of navigation and working knowledge of onboard technologies, essential to efficiently control any vessel. Additionally, so that you can make the most of your next vacation, we pride ourselves on employing captains with excellent time management and communication skills, to ensure the enjoyment of all guests onboard.

At Yachting Concepts, we know that finding the right captain for your next journey can be a time-consuming and difficult process for boat owners. Besides navigating the ship, the captain is also responsible for the safety of the crew and passengers. Essentially, the captain is the most important position on any ship. This role demands extensive time in the wheelhouse and solid maritime experience. Avoid hiring a loose cannon by trusting in Yachting Concepts. We match experienced captains with yachts worldwide regardless of the boat’s size, type, or location. Our experienced team specializes in the captain placement process from beginning to end, by recruiting leaders with an innate sense of responsibility for the successful operation of our client’s vessel. With nearly 30 years of marine experience, Yachting Concepts operates with efficiency, transparency, and, of course, accountability, generating charismatic captains, capable of creating and leading a cohesive crew.

Find the support you need with Yachting Concepts! We help clients discover the best captain for the job based on criteria such as experience, skills, yacht size, destination, frequency, scheduling, and more!

Concierge Service to the Yacht Owner

Concierge Service to the Yacht Owner


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Yachting Concepts is committed personally to you and your vessel. You and your property receive the utmost concern for both safety and care.


Reliability isn't just a word. We have over 28 years in the industry for a reason, and we have client testimonials to back it up.


Technical smarts are important and necessary. In many cases, however, true experience is invaluable. WE HAVE BOTH.